Nail   Colour   Solutions   &   Manufacturing
  • Base Coats
    Key step for healthy nails and long lasting nail arts.
  • Top Coats
    Key products for creating long-lasting gloss or matte effects
  • Colour Gels
    Wide choice of high quality gel polish, with a variety of more than 3000 colors
  • Gel Lacquer
    Wide choice of quality gel lacquer with high and rich pigments.
  • Cat Eye Gel
    More than 800 shapes and covering nearly all the cat eye effects.
  • Builder Gel
    Professional UV / LED extension builder gel.
  • Nail Art Gel
    Top quality nail art gels for beginners and experienced nail technicians
  • Glitter Gels
    Covering nearly all kinds of shimmer effects for manicure and pedicure.
  • Trending
    Grasping fashion trends

Nail Art Expressions

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