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Committed To Providing Customers With The Best Quality Service
      Our team of consultants is eager to assist you with any enquiries. The first time you get in touch, you will be assigned a host as a single point of contact. Curious about pricing? Want to visit our factory? Or maybe request free samples? Just contact us by phone, e-mail, WhatsApp or Skype and your host will take care of everything.
    • R&D
      Maagenta’s plant is equipped with professional R&D, pattern and QC labs. Our 15 talented technicians with 10 years of experience in nail gel development ensure that we can provide you with standard or customised formulas. 
    • production
      Quality is the single most important factor in all decisions we make. Our industry-leading manufacturing systems have a combined annual production capacity of 2,000 metric tonnes (2,200 short tons). We can take care of virtually any order, no matter how big. Or small.
    • Filling
      Maagenta offers wide ranges of filling options you can choose from. For bulk it is 0.5 kg - 20 kg (1.10 lb - 44 lb) containers. Retail-ready bottle volume range is from 5 ml to 18 ml ( 0.17 fl. oz. to 0.61 fl. oz.).
    • Delivery
      We believe that on-time delivery decides whether or not you stay in business. Rest assured: with your host keeping a watchful eye on your order, our daily 5 metric tonne (11,000 lb) nail gel output and the international logistics partners we cooperate with, we will meet your deadline!
    • OEM/ODM
      The OEM nail gels formulated by our R&D team are sold under various well-known brands in more than 60 countries. We guarantee full confidentiality for all of our business partners, particularly for ODM clients. If you have an idea for different characteristics for the final product, just let us know your expectations and we will come up with a solution tailored to your needs.  
    • Product Samples
      Maagenta provides free samples of products in order for you to carry out tests on them. We can ship them for free to your purchasing agent located in China. Please contact us for international shipping rates.
    • After-Sales Support
      We value your opinion and are committed to serving you from initial contact to after-sales. Your host will follow up on your order even after delivery to chosen destination. 

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