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COLOR BASE COAT a collection of sheer lavender

COLOR BASE COAT a collection of sheer lavender
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Update TimeDec 10,2023
Detail Information
Nude Rubber Base
Rubber Base provides a soft touching and meanwhile same strong adhesion and long lasting as ordinary base coats.
It combines your nails with the coatings, and prevents polish stains effectively.
Then provide a layer on top that is receptive to the polish and finally create a tight bond with the applied coatings.


Product Positioning Viscosity Odor Adhension Curing
Top Shelf Cost-
Low Medium High Low Moderate Normal Good Excellent 36W UV 36W LED
BASE COAT AD1010             2 min 30 sec
BASE COAT AD1015             2 min 30 sec
PEEL-OFF BASE COAT AD1014             2 min 30 sec
RUBBER BASE AD1017             2 min 30 sec
HIGH-VISCOSITY BASE COAT AD1020             2 min 30 sec
HIGH-VISCOSITY BASE COAT AD1021             2 min 30 sec
REINFORCE GEL AD1110             2 min 30 sec
HIGH VISCOSITY REINFORCEMENT GEL AD1120             2 min 30 sec
 PRIMER/PH BOND AD1310               2 min 30 sec
STICKY GEL (JELLY-LIKE) AD1221             2 min 30 sec
KERATIN FIBER BASE COAT AD1019A             2 min 30 sec
MINERAL BASE COAT AD1019B             2 min 30 sec
VITAMIN BASE COAT AD1019C             2 min 30 sec

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